Curating Living Art

Our expert team maintains properties, keeping them healthy and vibrant so you can enjoy more time living your Colorado lifestyle.  We’ve built decades of knowledge through the trials of gardening in our extreme mountain environment and we understand the nuances of our microclimates. Our longevity has built our capacity to accurately respond to and proactively plan for your garden’s success.

Custom built garden maintenance packages built around your needs.  Contact Ceres today, we’ll take care of you.

Spring clean up

Weeky, bi-monthly and monthly garden maintenance

Native grass maintenance

Turf mowing

Composting and Garden fertilization

Fall clean up


Designing, growing, and maintain annuals that bring you season-long color and interest.  Vibrant colors. Cascading windowboxes. Gorgeous flowers. Textural Combinations. 



Hanging Baskets



The underground hero of a successful landscape

Getting the right amount of water to the right plants is essential to the success of your landscape.  Whether designing a system from scratch or retrofitting an existing system to be more water conscious, our team of experienced irrigation technicians have the depth of knowledge to make your system a success.

Water usage and conservation are at the forefront of our landscape conversations now, and designing water-wise gardens into the future is a facet of responsible stewardship in Colorado.  Connect today to see how we can help your irrigation system work efficiently and effectively.

Irrigation system startups

System retrofit

System analysis & repairs

Water feature startups, repairs & winterizations

Irrigation system winterization


Feed the soil & combat against pests

Support the health and success of your landscape with proactive fertilization and wholistic ecological preventions.  Resource your trees to defend against common pests and diseases with soil injections.  Build a healthy soil biome with compost tea.  Promote lush turf growth with pre-emergents and well-timed fertilization.

Our team of Qualified Supervisors pursue continuing education each year to stay at the forefront of new technologies and best practices bringing you the best of what PHC can offer.

We take a wholistic approach to tree health to build facets of environmental support and pathways towards integrated pest management:

Compost Tea Application: Builds healthy soil biomes by introducing beneficial mycorrhizae.  These increase the capacity for water and nutrients to be absorbed, binding to the root structure and increasing the surface area of the root systems

Using alternatives to insecticides such as Hort oil to control aphids

High Altitude Turf Program: Uses a proprietary blend of preemergents and fertilizers to promote robust turf health

Loss prevention from common pests and diseases such as aphids and spider mites:

Diagnostic Evaluations

Integrated Pest Management (IPM)

Tree & Landscape Pest Control

Deep Root Fertilization

High Altitude Turf Program

Soil Samples and Analysis

Noxious Weed Control


Your trees are the living sentinels of your landscape.  They provide shade from harsh sun, structure to the landscape, and presence in your daily life.  They’re essential to the life and vibrancy of your landscape. Our team has been trusted to  

Our tree care team is staffed with ISA Certified Arborists passionate about caring for your trees.  We offer comprehensive tree care services:

Arborist consultations

Pruning & Trimming 

Fire Mitigation: we work in conjunction with local Fire Districts and insurance companies to create defensible space and protect your home from future fire danger

Hazard and Aesthetic Tree removals: Tree rot, etc:  climbing and crane

Wholistic tree assessment and inventory including hazard risk

Cable Bracing and lightening protection

Large tree transplanting

Forest Management Consulting & National Forest Service Management Plan Implementation

Stump grinding

Municipal Chipping Programs

Responsive to emergency tree removals


We’re drawn to the mountains to enjoy the snow—but sometimes we need some help living with it.  Ceres helps our clients with managing snow removal, plowing lots and driveways and shoveling walkways and sidewalks so can safely get out and enjoy bounty of winter in the mountains.

Contact Ceres today for help with your snow removal needs.


Backyard enhancements to Commercial & Estate master planning.


Confidence & capability built from 40 years of high country landscape construction.


Protecting your investment, stewarding your garden into the future.