Building your vision into reality

Proven landscape construction abilities built from 40 years of growth and knowledge in the field. Our construction team has comprehensive abilities to take the vision off the pages and into reality.  Our team of engineers and craftsmen are devoted to caring artistry and have a depth of experience that is unparalleled in the industry.  Many of our team members have been with us for over 20 years, working side by side stewarding the next generation of craftsmen into the future.

In our 40 years of building landscapes in the Colorado mountains,

we’ve encountered it all.

The stories behind what it’s taken to complete our builds could fill a book. Working with Ceres to build your landscape means that whatever we encounter, seen or unforeseen, will be met with a depth of knowledge and capability that leads to success.  Let us build you the landscape of your dreams!


Our devoted Enhancement Construction team attends to your small spaces and existing garden renovations.  Attending to comprehensive site and soil preparation, irrigation, and plantings all scaled to your site.  No matter the size, our Enhancement team attends to the essential aspects of your renovation project with the same care as our flagship residential and commercial clients to set you up with a well-designed garden built for longevity.


Enhancing the festive experience of your home in the winter months, we create custom designs for a welcoming ambiance.  Garlands, wreaths, interior lit and decorated trees, boughs and armature.


Innovative elegance. We install over 100 linear miles of lights, or 10,000 strands each season in a myriad of conditions and exposures. Ceres is a leader in the design and installation of quintessential branch wrapped and swag wrapped trees.


Backyard enhancements to Commercial & Estate master planning.


Confidence & capability built from 40 years of high country landscape construction.


Protecting your investment, stewarding your garden into the future.