design enhancements

Landscapes come in as many shapes and sizes as the people that love them. 


At Ceres we believe in attending to the needs of the client by bringing a high level of design thinking and technical expertise to every size project we encounter.  Enhancement design attends to smaller scale projects and renovation that don’t require the level of engineering required in a full-scale landscape architecture plan.  Enhancement projects can be:

Reimagining the gardens at the front entry to your house

Rejuvenating planting beds that are overgrown

Improving your curb appeal

Rethinking your small backyard garden. 

Our enhancement design process starts with deep listening.  At our initial consultation, we’ll listen to your needs and the needs of the site.  Then we’ll craft a plan, with a hand drawn sketch or digital bird’s eye to covey a design that matches your budget. 

Enhancements breathe life new life into old spaces.  They find ways to enliven unused corners.  They reconnect you to your space so you can love what’s outside.